Thursday, September 18, 2008

Who IS walking the Sunshine Walk?

Dewan Shuaib Afzal
Last December 8th, during the Global Day of Action Against Climate Change, at the rally which took place in Yonge Dundas Square, one of the speakers, Dewan Shuaib Afzal, a Canadian of Bangladeshi origin, announced his intention to walk from Toronto to Ottawa to focus public attention on climate change. This idea struck a chord with number of people and the idea grew. Four years ago, Dewan Shuaib Afzal walked from Toronto to Niagara Falls to gather support to end racial profiling. It was the One Man March for Peace and Harmony.

Rita Bijons
Retired from a long career in teaching and, earlier, in the civil service, Rita draws inspiration from the beauty and complexity of the natural world, from love, and from the sacred. She is appalled by the rapid and pervasive degradation of ecosystems which she has witnessed. The only sane option now is to do all we can to assure a liveable world, and to "save the seed".
She completely agrees with Chris Turner's quote:

What else are you working on right now? What great project that would rest upon your soul like the many bars of ribbon on a war hero's chest? What that you would point to, and look your grandkids in the eye, and say, 'Now that was worth the fight'? I know how I'd answer this one: There's nothing else.
Only this:
To be part of the generation that beat climate change.

Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu
Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu has been giving her time for human rights issues for most of her adult life and obsessively for climate change work for 3 years. As a result her household today is more organic than she would like it and her 5 children, once carefully cultivated, are now free range. She takes daily walks to maintain her sanity and hopes to arrive in Ottawa with a clear head and full of hope as a new government is formed.


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