Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Detailed itinerary - REVISED

This is the REVISED detailed route for the walk, AS OF OCTOBER 6. All times are approximate and depend a lot on weather and road conditions.

Supporters are encouraged to walk along with us as long as they want. All walkers are responsible for their own food, accommodation and water bottles.

Monday, October 6 - Clarington/Bowmanville/Newcastle/Newtonville

7:30am departing Highway 2 at Trulls Rd
8:00am Highway 2 at Hancock Rd
8:30am Highway 2 at Rundle Rd
8:45am walking through Maple Grove on Highway 2
9:00am Highway 2 at Maple Grove Rd
9:30am Highway 2 at Martin Rd
9:45am Bowmanville Municipal Office, departing 11:00am
10:15am Bowmanville, Highway 2/King Street West at Liberty Street
10:45am Highway 2 at Lambs Rd
11:15am Highway 2 at Bragg Rd
11:45am Highway 2 at St Georges Anglican Cemetery, past Darlington-Clarke Townline Rd
12:00noon Highway 2 at Wilmot Creek Provincial Fishing Area
12:30pm Newcastle town centre, Highway 2/King Street at Mill St, lunch stop depart 1:15pm
1:45pm Highway 2 east of Newcastle, just past the railway tracks
2:15pm Highway 2 at Golf Course Rd
2:45pm Highway 2 at Morgan's Rd
3:15pm Highway 2 just east of Stapleton Rd
3:45pm Newtonville, Highway 2 at Newtonville Rd
4:15pm Highway 2 at Elliot Rd
4:45pm Highway 2 at East Townline Rd (south only)
5:15pm Highway 2 at Zion Rd
5:45pm Highway 2 at Hwy 65
6:00pm Highway 2 at Sawmill Rd

Tuesday, October 7 – Morrish/Welcome/Port Hope/Cobourg

7:30am Highway 2 at Sawmill Rd
7:45am passing through Morrish
8:00am Highway 2 at Morris Church Rd
8:30am Highway 2 at Deerpark Rd
9:00am Welcome, Highway 2 at Kellogg Rd
9:15am Turn south at Highway 10
9:30am Highway 2 approaching 401
10:00am Port Hope, Highway 2/Toronto Rd just south of Jane St
10:20am Port Hope, Highway 2 turns east at Victoria St, becomes Ridout St, then Walton St
10:45am Port Hope, Highway 2/Walton St at Queen St (mayor's office at 56 Queen St)
(11:00am Port Hope, depart mayor's office, south on Queen St to Robertson St, which becomes Peter Street/Highway 2)
11:30am Port Hope at Rose Glen Rd South
12:00noon Highway 2 east of Port Hope, crossing railway tracks approaching Moore Service Rd
12:30pm Highway 2 at Theatre Rd South
1:00pm Highway 2/William St at Lovshin Rd, lunch break
2:00pm Cobourg, Highway 2/Elgin St W at Burnham St (Highway 2 turns south here)
2:30pm Cobourg, Highway 2/William St just south of the railway tracks at University Ave
2:40pm Cobourg, Highway 2 turns east again at King St W
3:00pm Cobourg city centre, Highway 2/King St at Division St, mayor?

Wednesday, October 8 – Cobourg/Grafton/Colborne

7:30am Cobourg, King St at Division St
8:00am Cobourg, Highway 2/King Street East at Brock Rd N
8:30am Highway 2 east of Cobourg just past the tracks at Workman Rd
9:00am Highway 2 at Pentecostal Rd (south only)
9:30am Highway 2 at Carruthers Rd going north/Heritage Rd going south
10:00am Highway 2 at Archer Rd/Lakeshore Rd
10:30am Highway 2 east of Gully Rd/Hillcrest Dr
11:00am Highway 2 at Brimley Rd S
11:15am Grafton city centre, Highway 2 at Lyle St, 15 minute pause
12:00noon Highway 2 east of Shelter Valley Rd
12:30pm approaching Wicklow
12:40pm Wicklow, lunch at Highway 2 and Wicklow Beach Rd, depart 1:10
1:30pm Highway 2 at Vernonville Rd/Kernaghan Rd
2:00pm Highway 2 at Bryce Rd
2:15pm Highway 2 at Usborne Rd (north only, Highway 2 does some curves after this)
2:45pm Highway 2 at Townline Rd
3:10pm Highway 2 at Ontario St (Highway 2 turns south here toward Colborne)
3:30pm Colborne city centre – Toronto St turns to Percy St, Hwy 2 turns east at King St E, 15 minute pause
4:00pm Colborne, King St E/Highway 2 at Kensington Ave
4:30pm East Colborne, King St E/Highway 2 at Colton St
5:00pm Highway 2 at Jackson Ave (north only)
5:15pm walking through Salem
5:30pm Highway 2 at Ventress Rd
5:45pm Highway 2 at Barnes Rd

Thursday, October 9 – Brighton/Trenton

7:30am Highway 2 at Barnes Rd
8:00am Highway 2 at Fiddick Rd (north only)
8:15am Highway 2 at Brighton Cramahe Boundary Rd (north only)
8:45am Highway 2 at Huff Rd
9:15am Brighton, Highway 2/Main St at Percy St (north only)
9:30am Brighton city centre, Highway2/Elizabeth St at Young St (Municipal office on Elizabeth St at Alice St, 1 block east, Alice goes north only), pause for 15 minutes
10:30am Highway 2 east of Brighton
10:45am Highway 2 at Boes Rd (south only)
11:15am Highway 2 at Lisgar St (north only, opposite the railroad tracks)
11:30am Highway 2 at Stoney Point Rd
12:00noon Highway 2 at Findall Rd
12:30pm Highway 2 at Farm Rd
1:00pm Highway 2 at Tate Rd, lunch break
2:00pm Highway 2 at Wooler Rd
2:30pm Trenton, Highway 2/Dundas St W at Fourth Ave (north only)
2:45pm Trenton, Dundas St at Dufferin Ave
3:00pm Trenton, Dundas St E, crossing the river (Highway 2 turns east at Marmora Ave past the river)
3:15pm, Trenton, Highway 2/Marmora St at Herman St
3:45pm Highway 2 at R.C.A.F. Road, beginning of CFB Trenton
4:30pm Highway 2 at S Perimeter Rd (north only)/Quinte View Rd (south only)
5:15pm Bayside, Highway 2 at Whites Road, end of CFB Trenton
5:30pm Highway 2 at Baylea Dr (south only)
5:45pm Highway 2 at Ghent Dr (south only)
6:15pm Highway 2 at Aikens Rd
6:30pm Highway 2 at Burns Ave (north only)
7:00pm Highway 2 at Montrose Rd
7:30pm Highway 2 at Wedgewood Lane (north only)
7:45pm Highway 2 at Wallbridge-Loyalist Rd

Friday, October 10 – Belleville/Shannonville/Tyendinaga

7:30am Highway 2 at Wallbridge-Loyalist Rd
7:40am cross railway tracks
8:00am Highway 2 at Avondale Rd
8:30am Belleville, Highway 2/Dundas St W at Highway 62 south
8:45am Belleville, crossing the river on Highway 2/Dundas
8:50am Belleville city centre at Dundas St/Highway 2 at Pinnacle St, 15 minute break
9:30am Belleville General Hospital, Dundas St E/Highway 2 at MacDonald Ave
9:45am Belleville, Dundas St E/Highway 2 at Herchimer Ave
10:15am Belleville, Dundas St E/Highway 2 at Haig Rd, just after crossing track
10:45am Highway 2 at Elmwood Dr
11:15am Passing through Thurlow, Highway 2 at Pointe Anne Lane (south only)
12:00noon Highway 2 at Mitchell Rd (north only)
1:00pm lunch break on Highway 2
1:30pm Highway 2 at Brant St (south only)
2:00pm Highway 2 at Shannonville Rd, then Highway 2 passes through Shannonville
2:45pm Highway 2 at Water St, just east of Milltown Rd, followed by railway track crossing, then a long stretch with no cross streets
4:30pm Highway 2 at Wyman Rd (could be later if we stop in Tyendinaga)

Saturday, October 11 – Marysville/Deseronto/Napanee/Odessa

7:30am Highway 2 at Wyman Rd
8:15am Marysville, Highway 2 meets Highway 49, both join going directly south, shortly afterwards cross railway tracks
8:45am Highway 2 at Lower Slash Rd
9:15am Highway 2 at York Rd, Highway 2 turns east
9:30am Highway 2 at S Church St
9:45am Highway 2 at Bell's Rd (north only)
10:15am Deseronto city centre, Dundas St/Highway 2 at Centre St, 15 minute break
10:45am Highway 2 at Deseronto Rd
11:15am Highway 2 at Oliver Side Rd (north only)
11:25am Highway 2 at Barker Side Rd
12:30pm Highway 2 at Slash Rd (north only)
1:00pm Napanee city centre, Dundas St at Centre St (John St next to the north-east along Dundas St-Town Hall at 124 John St, lunch break)
1:10pm Napanee, crossing the railway tracks going east, Highway 2 turns immediately southeast
1:20pm Highway 2 at Old Hamburg Rd
1:40pm Highway 2 at Switzerville Rd
2:25pm Highway 2 at Little Creek Rd
2:40pm Highway 2 at Townline Rd
3:00pm Highway 2 at Fralick Rd
3:30pm Highway 2 at Brandon Rd
3:50pm Highway 2 at Violet Rd
4:20pm Highway 2 at Highway 133
4:40pm Highway 2 at Rees Rd
5:20pm Odessa city centre, Highway 2/Main St at Old Wilton Road, cross the river immediately afterwards

5:30pm Highway 2 at Wilton Rd/Highway 6

Sunday, October 12 – Westbrook/Kingston

7:30am Highway 2 at Highway 6
7:45am Highway 2 at Shane St
8:15am Highway 2 at Fairbanks St (south only)
8:45am Highway 2 at Nell Rd (north only)
9:15am Highway 2 at Clarke Rd (south only)
9:45am Highway 2 at Westbrook Rd
10:15am Highway 2 at Collins Bay Rd (south only)
10:30am Highway 2/Princess St at Lisa St
11:00am Highway 2/Princess St at Bayridge Dr

11:30am Highway 2/Princess St at Gardiners Rd, Cataraqui Town Centre
lunch, break and event in downtown Kingston
3:30pm back at Cataraqui Town Centre
3:45pm Highway 38/Gardiners Rd at Cataraqui Woods Dr
4:10pm Tuttles Hill, Highway 38 at Creekford Rd/Centennial Dr
4:20pm Highway 38 passing 401
4:30pm Highway 38 at Harpell Rd
4:40pm Highway 38 at Bur Brook Rd
5:30pm Glenvale, Highway 38 at Unity Rd
5:40pm Highway 38 at Rock Rd (southwest only)
6:10pm Highway 38 at Van Order Dr
6:30pm Highway 38 at Orser Rd

Monday, October 13, Thanksgiving – South Frontenac/Harrowsmith/Hartington/Verona/Godfrey

7:30am Highway 38 at Orser Rd
8:00am Murvale, Highway 38 at Murton Rd
8:30am Highway 38 at Yarker Rd, Highway 38 turn north from previous northwest direction
9:00am Highway 38 at Quinn Rd
10:00am Harrowsmith, Highway 38 at Harrowsmith Rd, 15 minute break
10:45am Highway 38 at Alton Rd
11:15am Highway 38 at Petworth Rd/Jamieson Rd
11:45am Hartington, Highway 38 at Boyce Rd/Holleford Rd
12:00noon Highway 38 at Hinchinbrooke Rd (northeast only, Highway 38 turns northwest)
1:00pm Highway 38 at Conservation Lane, lunch break
1:45pm Highway 38 at Bellrock Rd (west only)
2:10pm Verona, Highway 38 at Bank St, 15 minute break
2:50pm Highway 38 at Desert Lake Rd (east only)
3:05pm Highway 38 at Craig Rd (east only)
3:30pm Highway 38 at Snider Rd (west only)
4:00pm Piccadilly, Highway 38 at Piccadilly Rd where it meets the second time
4:10pm Highway 38 at Godfrey Rd
4:30pm Highway 38 at Godfrey Rd again
4:40pm Godfrey, Highway 38 at Westport Rd
5:00pm Highway 38 at Forty Foot Rd
5:15pm Highway 38 at Hamilton Ln
6:00pm Reynoldston, Highway 38 at White Lake Rd
6:15pm Hinchinbrooke, Highway 38 at second point that Old Mill Rd crosses it
6:45pm Highway 38 at Balt Rd

Schedule after this point still to be finalized

Tuesday, October 14: Godfrey to Central Frontenac
Wednesday, October 15: Central Frontenac to Perth
Thursday, October 16: Perth to Carleton Place
Friday, October 17: Carleton Place to Nepean
Saturday, October 18: Nepean to Ottawa
Monday, October 20: Parliament Hill

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