Monday, October 6, 2008

10 years to fossil-free electricity

Al Gore has called on the United States to eliminate electricity generation from fossil fuels in 10 years by investing heavily in renewables. Due to our enormous hydro resources, Canada already relies much less on fossils for our electricity. There's no reason we can't do at least as well.

Thank yous for the day: to wonderful local supporter Margaret who joined us outside Bowmanville and Durham Liberal candidate Bryan Ransom and his son who joined us at the Bowmanville Municipal Offices. Mr. Ransom's Kyoto Plus pledge is proudly displayed on his campaign office door, and he spoke eloquently and wisely about his concern for the environment, reflected not only in his dedication to fighting climate change, but also in his long battle for local air quality in fighting incineration and promoting recycling instead. He is proud of the direction that Stephane Dion is moving the Liberal party, toward greater action on climate change. He and Margaret walked with us well into the outskirts of town and sent us off. Thanks to Stuart, Alex, Mustaq and especially Kim for all their hard work and concern for us. Mustaq was feeling under the weather so we're all hoping he'll be up to scratch soon. And a huge thank you to Karen, a new friend who never heard about the walk until Rita arrived on her doorstep and asked if she could park her bike there for the night. Karen not only agreed, but took us to our motel.

DeWan and I were much more tired today, but for a happy reason. We're walking on gravel now, in countryside between small towns. The air is cleaner, there's less traffic and the noise it makes and we can pick up local produce at markets all along the way. Eddy is eager to go further. He races ahead, stuffing mailboxes with flyers along the country road and postering bulletin boards in the towns. DeWan is relentless. He hasn't got his hearing aid. He's dealing with bad knees and other health concerns. He paces himself but treads right on, looking forward to relaxing in the evening. And Rita is amazing, running back and forth between us all with her bike loaded down with fruits and water for everyone, taking our sweaters when we don't need them, giving them back when we do. She engages everyone she meets on this issue. We're running out of flyers. A good problem to have.

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