Friday, October 10, 2008

Kyoto Plus

I really need to thank Helmut and Janet some more, for walking with us, introducing us to business owners who would support us, calling some mayors ahead for us, chasing us down with forgotten belongings and generally being wonderful. Thanks to Stuart and Kim, working away in Toronto in thankless behind-the-scenes tasks. Thanks to Jan and Paul for putting up with us, and to Sam and Catherine of the Organic Underground in Belleville for arranging it, and for contacting local candidates for a meeting there today. Be at the Organic Underground at 9am.

Yesterday we walked through Brighton, where we stopped into various supportive businesses and the local city hall. The mayor was out of town, but her assistant was well informed and supportive. Then on to Trenton, where we met with acting mayor Keith Reid, who explained all the things his township was doing to reduce emissions, indicated supportively that he would bring up the Kyoto Plus pledge in the next council meeting, and gave us each a pen and a pin to take away.

In the evening we attended an all-candidates meeting in Belleville. NDP candidate Mike McMahon and Green candidate Allan Coxwell expect to be at our coffee date at 9 am. Both have signed onto Kyoto Plus. Mr. McMahon will be walking with us this morning. Liberal candidate Ken Cole advised us that he signed onto Kyoto Plus yesterday as well. I couldn't find Independent candidate Paul Barnes, but it's interesting that in his final statement he endorsed Allan Coxwell. When I asked Daryl Kramp whether he would sign, he told me he never signed anything during an election, which was not a time to politicize issues. Which sounded to me like Kim Campbell saying an election was not the time to discuss policies.

There's a strong pattern emerging on the Kyoto Plus site. I've checked in every couple of days. The leaders of the Liberals, Bloc, Green and NDP have all signed on. As of today, Stephen Harper has indicated his opposition. In terms of signatories, the Liberals have 107, Bloc 63, Greens 166 and NDP 130, with 12 Conservative candidates indicating their opposition. It's even more interesting to me that at one point an NDP candidate from Calgary signed his opposition and that position was removed within days. Similarly, the Conservative candidate in Davenport signed in support, and within days her support was withdrawn. The parties are clearly keeping their candidates in line. Canadians have a choice of four parties that support responsible action on climate change, and one party which does not.

I'm off.

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