Saturday, October 11, 2008

Relaxed and inspired

We had a busy morning yesterday. Local NDP candidate Michael McMahon arrived with 5 volunteers to meet us at 7:30 in the morning. I came with Paul and Jan's beautiful dog Lady, who accompanied me into Belleville, where we met up with a welcoming party of press and 2 candidates and their supporters. Michael McMahon was there to sign onto Kyoto Plus with 4 of his supporters. Green Party candidate Allan Coxwell was there with two volunteers of his own. Meanwhile Rene arrived from Toronto by train to accompany us, and Mustaq left on a bus almost simultaneously. We walked to the City Hall, where we left information for the mayor, who was already off for Thanksgiving weekend. Allan Coxwell walked for a stretch with us. Mike McMahon walked all the way out to the rural outskirts of Belleville. Both candidates are knowledgeable and engaged, concerned and responsible.

The rest of the day was a calm and beautiful walk through countryside and Tyendinaga territory. The sunshine was glorious, the fall leaves beautiful.

We arrived early so we had a relaxed evening. First we walked on for a stretch. We'll start a bit later today, further down our schedule. We enjoyed dinner together. Then Rene, Rita and I got popcorn and watched a movie just before settling into sleep.

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