Saturday, October 11, 2008

Exhausting day

Two milestones today. We crossed the halfway mark and Rita celebrated her birthday. She likes opera cake. We haven't been able to get her any. She says she doesn't mind delayed gratification, but if anyone knows where we can get some en route, we'd be grateful.

Started out a bit late today, which turned out in some ways to be a bad mistake. It was glorious countryside. I was talking to my aunt on my newly functional phone (thanks Rene) and missed the first turnoff. As a result, we missed Deseronto. Apologies to anyone who came out looking for us.

In Napanee, NDP candidate Sandra Willard came out to meet us, with Kyoto Plus pledge in hand, walked us around town and had lunch with us. The Napanee Beaver offices were closed. We're anticipating a few slow days as campaigns wind down and people enjoy the long weekend with family. Certainly the local Green Party candidate made his apologies, as he is spending these next days with an elderly parent.

After lunch, it became obvious that we had dreadfully miscalculated the time remaining. Rita and I raced ahead to Odessa, hoping Dewan could be persuaded to take a ride after it became dark. He stumbled in just after nightfall.

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