Saturday, October 18, 2008

Media Advisory for Monday's event on Parliament Hill

WHAT: A press conference outside the PMO in Ottawa on October 20 at
12 p.m. to welcome the Sunshine Walk for Climate Justice, a group of friends
who left Toronto by foot on October 4, 2008 on a 400 km walk to the nation's
capital to demand immediate action from the federal government on climate
chaos. The walkers are angry about the endless empty talk from our political
leaders on carbon cap and trade systems, carbon taxes and carbon
sequestration. They, and the many Canadians and federal candidates they met
along the walk, want our "new" government to stop tilting at windmills and
start building them. Our environment and economy need less carbon and more
green jobs and green energy - wind, solar, wave and geothermal - now! The
Sunshine Walkers will also collect signatures for the KYOTOPlus pledge from
invited politicians and will deliver letters collected between Toronto and
Ottawa to the Prime Minister.
WHO: Confirmed speakers:
Dewan Afzal, Sunshine Walker
Adriana Mugnatto-Haum, Sunshine Walker
Rita Bijons, Sunshine Walker
Andrea Harden, Energy Campaigner, Council of Canadians
Katherine Sullivan, Green Campaigns, Student Federation of the University
of Ottawa
Raging Grannies to sing a few songs!
When: Monday, October 20, 2008, 12:00 to 1:00 p.m.
Where: Outside the Prime Minister's Office, corner of Elgin Street and
Wellington Street
For further information: Stuart Trew, (647) 222-9782; Kim Kerridge,
(647) 221-9169

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