Saturday, October 18, 2008

Getting lazy

We didn't finish today's route.

First of all we started late, and then of course we all managed to get lost. We reached into Ottawa but then took a city bus to the rally. We then marched into Parliament Hill, and then went on to Confederation Park, where we once again saw David Suzuki for the Flick Off campaign. Great music and great people. We quickly ran out of flyers to hand out.

Ken Billings of ActCity Ottawa was with us for most of the day, riding his bike alongside me in the morning, and sticking with us through both rallies and for dinner at a lovely vegetarian establishment he recommended. It was good to see Dylan and Andrea and other Ottawa organizers, and especially Kim, who has been pulling so many things together for us from a distance. After dinner, we had to say goodbye to Alex at a bus stop where she went off to pick up her train back to Toronto.

Afterwards, we all just wanted to relax at the homes of a couple of local hosts. We'll pick up the trail where we left off tomorrow, leaving the last kilometre or so for Monday, so we actually arrive at Parliament Hill. Then we meet at the Prime Minister's office at noon. We also plan to meet with the mayor following the event.

David Suzuki today repeated what he had told Rita last night - that we need to gather 100,000 people in Ottawa to get appropriate action on climate change. We need to do that before the Canadian delegation goes to Copenhagen in December 2009 to negotiate the final terms of the post-Kyoto climate change treaty. So that will be our work for the next year or so.

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